Sunday, March 3, 2013


let my body rise to
your lips for you to
kiss. show me your
human love. you know
i have nothing to do
when i have nothing to
prove, and right now
i'm going to prove you
completely wrong.

your meaning of life is to work the soil
until you can feel all your emotional issues
bleed out of your calloused hands.

my meaning of life is to write poems,
play on neopets, and drink tea all day
until my heart rises like the sunshine.

i can not tell, if we are perfect or totally done for.

i was reading your word, over and over
again last night, and now my mind trills
with you, sings for you. your influence
is greatly appreciated and loved dearly

you are gone.

and i am
sucking the
back of my hand.
bored and waiting,
your silence keeps me.

i named a neopet after you.
but you're not texting me back
so i'm gonna feed it as much
stinky jelly as it can eat.

this would be a deeply satisfying action,
if only it did not love the stinky jelly so much.

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