Saturday, December 29, 2012

my words become true.

leaving me hanging in the distance,
the echo is a tone i could never hear.

i evaporated into the ocean, and
recondensed in a place i know i well.

i thought i had been forgotten, and left
the shores, but i hadn't. i burned, let the
air take my atoms. i coursed, and elevated.
was high in the stratosphere.

but it was short lived, and i hung myself
when i took myself apart in front of the
crowds, who with deaf ears, only
wanted the gore and glory of exposure.

they were never there to see the folds
of blood vessels, or to breathe in my
atoms of smoky haze. to lean out and
touch the velvet caress of my muscles
pumping, to keep my solid body moving
forward on the deepest ground.

i tore myself apart, speaking and listening
and hearing words i never knew i never knew
come out of my mouth like the retaliation of
every tiny complex structure i had ever felt.

i poured myself into myself to try and mold
myself back into something like i was when
i was unreal, and lived up with clouds and my God.

i hope the crowds are wreaked with guilt
and instantly, i am swelling with guilt.

now i cry for hours on end, to know
i was listened to but never heard.

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