Thursday, August 9, 2012

starting again,
body fresh, rested
and new, and you
are so sublime, and
your beauty reflects off the
water in my eyes, that washes
up whenever i realise how much
i am in love with you

once more, take me
to the floor to dance in
the new tides lapping at the
shore of our togetherness.
i promise, i won't make a mess
inside your chest, - to hurt you
would be drowning myself in tears
and leaving you on the rack.

and that would be the
biggest mistake of my life.
leaving you would be like
taking everything i have,
everything i am and
everything i could want
and burning it to ash.

but my love, i wouldn't.
not for fame, or glory
or even greatness.
to hold you, to have you,
to feel your kisses along my neck
is more than anything i could
ever ask any goddess for.

so now we are rested,
fresh, bright and new,
let us take each other's hands
and wade into the ocean of
our love and future, slowly
nurture the beginnings of our life

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