Thursday, November 1, 2012

she dances through your dreams unseen by you.
she twists and arches her back as she leaps
up into your conscious mind.

how can i compete with memories?

she tumbles back down, after achieving
a height only aeroplanes reach. a sly
grin, she knows what she does.
she knows how she does it
but won't tell you, and certainly
won't tell me. her pristine
dresses flow like winds, and she
teases me from far away - 'this is
what i would have worn, this is what
i would have worn' it tastes like crimson
and moves like silver. 

she shimmers through your eyes - invisible 
to me, but in your more relaxed states you
mention her name, and i crumble. get angry
and disrupt the peace. i move like thunder
and spit like rain. i curse, i dive
very, very, very, very low and turn on
you, eyes ablaze, burning and fiery.

she giggles like velvet. then i see her,
twinkling in your pupils, like some imp, back
from burrowing through the ground. she 
holds herself like a porcelain doll, and her skin
is pure. 

and i storm. looking like the pavement at four
o clock on a sunday morning. brutalised by
my own rage, and limited by my own evny.

i feel myself disintegrate in your memory.

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