Thursday, October 11, 2012


i left the space.
i vacated my body
and my mind.
i let my self
tumble and slowly
inch toward
the air that
curls and lets you
steep in your own
feelings. isolation and
cool breezes, i
try to make amends
with my slowly forming
rock formations of cold


you told me once
that i was nothing at
all, but everything at once
and i had no shame
in admitting back
to you, that you
were right.

you are the softness
inside my ever burning
soul that burns for you.
i burn for you, and the
love you are a reflection of.

i am nothing without either
of you. i could never love
another person as much as
i love you.

we become (not static)
but normal. our love
does not diminish, or
fall to the side,
but we accustomise to
the rosy haze. it
does not leave, but
we become complacent.

let us never become complacent.

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