Saturday, October 27, 2012

listen to the break
beats in the waves.

they tell you secrets you can not deny and i would never suggest to you to do it like that.

never do it like that to me.

come here, come here again.
come hold my arms in your body
and let me sink myself into your
torso that stands so solid next
to my melting body.

my melting body that melts
into your clothes. 

i stick to the fibers in a vain
attempt to never leave you.

i do not want to leave you 
i do not want to.

i never will, how can i part from my
heart? that bleeds to see you sad
and beats to see your eyes, and
breaks every time we miscommunicate
and you leave, or i turn my back.

but we are safe in these waves of white
that pulsate to the beat of our love,
because on our beach, the tide never
recedes, and no matter the time,
our waters never leave.

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