Sunday, October 21, 2012

i hear giggling outside my bedroom window
and my heart starts to panic
and my breath stops in my lungs.

are you the source of reckless laughter?

i would spend my whole life
trying to answer the question that
is that look you get
in your eyes, but would you throw
it all away for a smile from a girl you
don't even know.

my heart leaps up into my eyes and sees right through you,

then retracts, and hides deep in the recesses of my body.

my bone marrow is boiling and freezes
solid. my skin crawls and peels off. i
leave bits of myself strewn across the floor. 
disintegrating into non-existent memories
of smoke that don't even matter.

distill your reckless laughter in my alcoholic lungs my love.

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