Monday, October 22, 2012

i curl myself into your
shirt and tuck myself
into my dreams were
we sit on the end
of a pier and sip
our coffees, licking the
salt from our lips break-
fast left behind.

the day's early, but it
feels late from the heaviness
of having nothing to do.
we just exist and rest
in each other. 

during the day, we have
things to do, that we do.
we do them with humility
and careful pride. we do 
them well.

during the night, we sit
with our friends, drinking
and being thankful. and
after visiting places, we 
curl up into each other
and tuck ourselves into
each other, to dream 
softly, and to dream sweetly.

i curl myself into you and
your shirt, and i tuck myself
into my dreaming state,
and only dream of you.


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