Monday, October 29, 2012

my big plans make you uncomfortable.
every time i mention them, you squirm just
a little. not too much, just enough for
the corner of my eye to catch you out.

well. love, plans to do not always suit,
and if we can not align ourselves,
well, love, maybe, just maybe, a few months
apart could be ultimate solution.

in my restless mind, we shifted
and separated by oceans of miniature motions.

you meet a girl. beautiful, wondrous, 
less jealous and funnier than i.
her family knows your family,
her eyes never miss a moment,
no miscommunication, no more beers from verona,
no more worries - and her sex drive matches yours perfectly.

but she's no me.

i meet a boy. he's lovely,
makes lies that fits like blocks with mine
he takes the time always to see that i'm functioning
(even when i need to disfunction and let out some steam)
his pantry is always full, and he understands my apathy and laziness.

but he's no you,

and i leave, coming flying back to you. 

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