Tuesday, October 30, 2012

with your pearl necklace,
with your heart tied around your neck
you are merging into a new
state of softness never seen before.

you are melting.

you've been liquefied  by your grey matter.
it's suggestions are traversing through
you. coursing through your bloodstream,
you can not pretend, you dare not to.

its there now.

what will you do when the string breaks
and everything cascades out into the open?
your hidden libido and your hidden
confessions and your hidden talents
tumble into the ocean of the public sphere.

oh no sweet.

you can not curve away and hide in your 
room, there is no place for displacement
of your needs or your wants. there is
nothing more precious to people, than
honesty of heart and mind. 

so do not be ashamed.

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