Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"i loved her, and sometimes she loved me too"

Pablo Neruda

i understand the implications
and the actions. i understand
the method and the means.

i do not trust your heart. 

i do not think it can hold
water, or that it would start
to bleed if you woke up
and i was sitting still in the lake.

i understand your love, but 
can not feel it from my own
fear drowning me in haze. 
i do not like this, i feel isolated
(again) surely this is ice where 
i am used to daisies.

what if i made a mistake.
made a promise too early 
and now am left with this. oh

my love.

this love is too much.
i am getting wrinkles,
and i am getting scared. 

why can i never sit still?
why am i never satisfied.

tonight is the end, tonight was always the end of everything.

could i hold your hand in the smoke?

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